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CD PSV0783922 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Apostrophe  
CD PSV0783862 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Chunga'S Revenge  
CD PSV0119382 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Cucamonga  
CD PSV0418472 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Cucamonga Years  
CD RYK0010501 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Freak Out  
CD RYK0010550 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Guitars  
CD PSV0783832 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Hot Rats  
CD RYK0010505 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Ruben & The Jets  
CD RYK0010543 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Them Or Us  
CD RYK0010516 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Waka-Jawaka  
CD PSV0783892 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Waka-Jawaka  
CD RYK0010536 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank You Are What You Is  
CD PSV0783972 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Zappa In New York (L  
CD RYK0010523 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Zoot Allures  
CD PSV0783962 Rock/Pop n/a Zappa,Frank Zoot Allures  
CD RYK0010581 Rock/Pop 04/99 Zappa,Frank Son Of Cheep Thrills  
CD RYK0010580 Rock/Pop 09/98 Zappa,Frank Mystery Disc  
CD RYK0010579 Rock/Pop 04/98 Zappa,Frank Cheap Thrills  
CD DLF0071261 Rock/Pop 02/98 Zappa,Frank Cucamonga  
CD RYK0010578 Rock/Pop 05/97 Zappa,Frank Strictly Genteel,Cla  
CD RYK0010577 Rock/Pop 04/97 Zappa,Frank Have I Offended Some  
CA RYK0040500 01/97 Zappa,Frank Strictly Commercial-  
CD RYK0010539 Rock/Pop 10/96 Zappa,Frank Baby Snakes  
CD RYK0010552 Rock/Pop 10/96 Zappa,Frank Broadway The Hard Wa  
CD RYK0010510 Rock/Pop 10/96 Zappa,Frank Weasles Ripped My Fl  
CD RYK0010574 Rock/Pop 09/96 Zappa,Frank Lather (3 Cd)  
CD RYK0010522 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Bongo Fury  
CD RYK0010521 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank One Size Fits All  
CD RYK0080521 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank One Size Fits All(Go  
CD RYK0010532 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Tinseltown Rebellion  
CD RYK0010528 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Sheik Yerbouti  
CD RYK0010502 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Absolutely Free  
CD RYK0010511 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Chunga'S Revenge  
CD RYK0010508 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Hot Rats  
CD RYK0010549 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Jazz From Hell  
CD RYK0010515 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Just Another Band Fr  
CD RYK0010506 Rock/Pop 06/96 Zappa,Frank Uncle Meat  
CD BTB0004074 Spoken/Poem 04/96 Zappa,Frank Interview  
CD RYK0040573 Rock/Pop 02/96 Zappa,Frank Lost Episodes  
CD RYK0010544 Rock/Pop 02/96 Zappa,Frank Thing-Fish  
CD RYK0010530 Rock/Pop 01/96 Zappa,Frank Joe'S Garage 1,2,3  
CD RYK0040500 Rock/Pop 08/95 Zappa,Frank Strictly Commercial-  
CD RYK0010517 Rock/Pop 07/95 Zappa,Frank Grand Wazoo  
CD RYK0010553 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Best Band You Ever H  
CD RYK0010512 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Fillmore East-June 1  
CD RYK0010559 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Mothers Of Invention  
CD RYK0010557 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Playground Psychotic  
CD RYK0010533 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Shut Up'N Play Yer G  
CD RYK0040560 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Yellow Shark  
CD RYK0010524 Rock/Pop 06/95 Zappa,Frank Zappa In New York  
CD RYK0010561 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.1-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010563 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.2-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010565 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.3-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010567 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.4-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010569 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.5-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010571 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Vol.6-You Can'T Do T  
CD RYK0010542 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Boulez Conducts Zapp  
CD RYK0010509 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Burnt Weeny Sandwich  
CD RYK0010546 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Francesco Zappa  
CD RYK0010555 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Make A Jazz Note Her  
CD RYK0010538 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Man From Utopia  
CD RYK0010547 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Meets The Mothers Of  
CD RYK0010529 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Orchestral Favorites  
CD RYK0010520 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Roxy & Elsewhere  
CD RYK0010537 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Ship Arriving Too La  
CD RYK0010527 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Sleep Dirt  
CD RYK0010526 Rock/Pop 05/95 Zappa,Frank Studio Tan  
CD RYK0010519 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank Apostrophe  
CD RYK0010548 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank Does Humor Belong In  
CD RYK0010540 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank London Symp Orch-Vol  
CD RYK0010504 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank Lumpy Gravy  
CD RYK0010518 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank Over-Nite Sensation  
CD RYK0010503 Rock/Pop 04/95 Zappa,Frank We'Re Only In It For  
CD RHI0070538 Rock/Pop 07/91 Zappa,Frank Ark  
CD RHI0070539 Rock/Pop 07/91 Zappa,Frank Freaks & Motherfu&!!  
CD RHI0070544 Rock/Pop 07/91 Zappa,Frank Piquantique  
CD RHI0070543 Rock/Pop 07/91 Zappa,Frank Saarbrucken  
CD RHI0070540 Rock/Pop 07/91 Zappa,Frank Unmitigated Audacity  
CA RHI0070907 Rock/Pop 06/91 Zappa,Frank Beat The Boots  
CD BTB0004012 Spoken/Poem 01/00 Zappa,Frank Interview  

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