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CD MSI0747251 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Ain'T Got No-I Got L  
CD MSI0019942 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Baltimore  
CD POL0822846 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Best Of  
CA POL0822846 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Best Of  
CD RCA0004374 Rock/Pop n/a Simone,Nina Best Of  
CD MSI1007763 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Black Gold  
CD MSI0257889 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Collection  
CD POL0838007 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Compact Jazz  
CD POL0846543 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Concert-I Put A Spel  
CD POL0834308 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Don'T Let Me Be Misu  
CD MSI1007766 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Emergency Word  
CD PSV0565122 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Forbidden...- Nina..  
CD MSI0019948 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Great  
CD MSI0058086 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Great Nina Simone  
CD MSI0122413 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Here Comes The Sun  
CD MSI1007765 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Here Comes The Sun  
CD PSV0646942 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Here Comes The Sun &  
CD MSI0210218 Jz n/a Simone,Nina I Loves You Porgy  
CD MSI0019943 Jz n/a Simone,Nina In Concert  
CD MSI0806425 Jz n/a Simone,Nina In Concert: Gin Hous  
CD MSI1007768 Jz n/a Simone,Nina It Is Finished -Nina  
CD MSI0210447 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Jazz Indispensable  
CD PSV0806292 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Lady Blue  
CD MSI0794163 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Legendary  
CD PSV0643212 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Legendary Nina Simon  
CD POL0831437 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Let It Be Me  
CD MSI0325000 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Little Girl Blue  
CD MSI0768481 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Love Me Or Leave Me  
CD MSI0765466 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Misunderstood  
CD MSI0804495 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Most Famous Hits  
CD MSI0114133 Jz n/a Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD5 MSI0130448 Jz n/a Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD MSI0120780 Jz n/a Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD MSI0807317 Jz n/a Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD PSV0656632 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Nina - The Essential  
CD MSI0202205 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Nina Simone & Piano  
CD MSI0751146 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Nina Simone & Piano-  
CD MSI1007759 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Nina Simone Sings Th  
CD MSI1006776 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Nina Simone'S Finest  
CD MSI1007761 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Nuff Said  
CD POL0846663 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Pastel Blues-Let It  
CD MSI0443439 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Released: Best Of  
CD MSI1007760 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Silk & Soul  
CD PSV0791892 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Sings The Blues-Nuff  
CD MSI1007762 Jz n/a Simone,Nina To Love Somebody  
CD MSI1006058 Jz n/a Simone,Nina To Love Somebody--He  
CD PSV0679112 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina To Love Somebody-Her  
CD POL0846892 Jazz n/a Simone,Nina Wild Is The Wind-Hig  
CD MSI0113948 Jz n/a Simone,Nina Wonderful Music Of  
CD WSD0000225 Vocals 12/99 Simone,Nina Forbidden Fruit-Sing  
CD MET0000028 Jazz 10/99 Simone,Nina Live At Ronnie Scott  
CD CLL0006206 Jazz 06/99 Simone,Nina Amazing Nina Simone-  
CD CLL0006308 Jazz 06/99 Simone,Nina Nina'S Choice  
CD CLP0000401 Jazz 01/99 Simone,Nina Masters  
CD WSD0000210 Vocals 12/98 Simone,Nina At Newport,At The Vi  
CD BTD0000458 10/98 Simone,Nina Reflections  
CD CLL0006208 Vocals 09/98 Simone,Nina Folksy Nina-With Str  
CD CLL0006207 Vocals 09/98 Simone,Nina Forbidden Fruit-At N  
CD RCA0067635 Jazz 07/98 Simone,Nina Very Best Of:Sugar I  
CD CMS0000053 Jazz 06/98 Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD MET0000019 Jazz 01/98 Simone,Nina Nina'S Back  
CD POL0539050 Jazz 11/97 Simone,Nina Ultimate Divas  
CD RCA0066997 01/97 Simone,Nina Saga Of Good Life &  
CD RHI0072567 11/96 Simone,Nina Anthology-Colpix Yea  
CD POL0529867 09/96 Simone,Nina Verve Jazz Masters-5  
CD CBS0057906 Jazz 07/95 Simone,Nina Baltimore  
CD POL0526702 Jazz 03/95 Simone,Nina After Hours  
CD JSM0000004 Blues 10/94 Simone,Nina Rising Sun Collectio  
CD RCA0066428 Rock/Pop 08/94 Simone,Nina Essential-Vol.2  
CD RHI0071712 Rock/Pop 08/94 Simone,Nina Tomato Collection  
CD POL0518198 Jazz 04/94 Simone,Nina Verve Jazz Masters-1  
CD RCA0066307 R&B 09/93 Simone,Nina Essential  
CA RCA0066307 R&B 09/93 Simone,Nina Essential  
CD EA0061503 Jazz 09/93 Simone,Nina Single Woman  
CA EA0061503 R&B 09/93 Simone,Nina Single Woman  
CD CLL0005438 Vocals 07/93 Simone,Nina Live At The Village  
CD CAP0098584 Jazz 02/93 Simone,Nina Best Of  
CD CAP0095058 Jazz 07/91 Simone,Nina At The Village Gate  
CD NOV0003101 Blues 02/91 Simone,Nina Blues  
CD RRM0001365 Vocals 02/02 Simone,Nina My Way  
CD MET0000034 Jazz 11/01 Simone,Nina Live & Kickin  
CD RCA068100B Jazz 11/01 Simone,Nina And Piano  
CD MRW0061162 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Collection  
CD MRW0072051 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Gold Collection-40 C  
CD MRW0065853 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Great  
CD MRW0061159 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina In Concert  
CD MRW0076854 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Legendary  
CD MRW0077726 Jazz 01/01 Simone,Nina Love Somebody-Here C  
CD MRW0061155 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD MRW0070581 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina My Baby Just Cares F  
CD MRW0073641 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Released  
CD MRW0075411 Vocals 01/01 Simone,Nina Silk & Soul-Nina Sim  
CD RLL0000278 Jazz 12/00 Simone,Nina Misunderstood  
CD BDH0077010 Jazz 10/00 Simone,Nina Very Best Of-Bitters  
CD DET0033328 Vocals 07/00 Simone,Nina Platinum Series  
CD POL0543604 Jazz 06/00 Simone,Nina Finest Hour  
CD CLL0006414 Jazz 06/00 Simone,Nina Sings Duke Ellington  
CD MTB0000010 Jazz 05/00 Simone,Nina Nina:The Essential N  
CD CLL0000036 Jazz 04/00 Simone,Nina Legend At Her Best  
CD POL0543251 Jazz 01/00 Simone,Nina Night Song  

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