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CD NAX0550103 Classical n/a Sibelius Finlandia-False Tris  
CD TEL0080095 Classical n/a Sibelius Sym 2-Finlandia-Levi  
CD NAX0550197 Classical n/a Sibelius Symph #1 & 6  
CD NAX0550198 Classical n/a Sibelius Symphonies 2 & 7  
CD NAX0550199 Classical n/a Sibelius Symphonies 3 & 4  
CD CHS0000903 Dvd Audio n/a Sibelius Symphony No.2  
CD TEL0080246 Classical n/a Sibelius Symphony Nos.1 & 5 I  
CD PEA0009408 Classical n/a Sibelius Syms 2,5 & 7-Tapiola  
CD MSI0207318 Clas n/a Sibelius Unesco Classics  
CD CBS0044548 Classical n/a Sibelius Violin Cto-  
CD NAX0553899 Classical 10/99 Sibelius Piano Music-Vol.1  
CD NAX0554265 Classical 09/99 Sibelius Finlandia Op.26-Kare  
CD ODE0000930 Classical 09/99 Sibelius Festival  
CD CAP0073561 Classical 08/99 Sibelius Symphony No.2 & Viol  
CD NAX0554266 Classical 06/99 Sibelius Sumphony No.2:Tempes  
CD POL0457748 Classical 06/99 Sibelius Symphony Nos.4-7:Swa  
CD RCA0068770 Classical 04/99 Sibelius Shorter Orchestral W  
CD DEN0017033 Classical 02/99 Sibelius Four Great Symphonie  
CD TLD0023388 Classical 11/98 Sibelius Symphony Nos.1,2 & 3  
CD VAC0001027 Classical 09/98 Sibelius Tone Poems-Vol.1  
CD VAC0001028 Classical 09/98 Sibelius Tone Poems-Vol.2  
CD NAX0554102 Classical 09/98 Sibelius Symphony Nos.1 & 3  
CD ODE0000913 Classical 07/98 Sibelius Karelia Music-Comple  
CD POL0455402 Classical 01/98 Sibelius Symphonies 1,2 & 4  
CD POL0455405 Classical 01/98 Sibelius Symphonies 3,5,6 & 7  
CD POL0448817 Classical 01/98 Sibelius Symphonies 3 & 6  
CD TLD0017278 01/98 Sibelius Symphonies Nos.5 & 7  
CD CBS0063260 Classical 11/97 Sibelius Sym.No.1&2;Finlandia  
CD NAX0556677 Classical 09/97 Sibelius Best Of  
CD RCA0049705 09/97 Sibelius Sym. No.6  
CD POL0452576 08/97 Sibelius Tone Poems  
CD NAX0553756 Classical 07/97 Sibelius Kullervo  
CD TLD0015242 07/97 Sibelius En Saga;Swan;Finland  
CD NAX0553661 Classical 07/97 Sibelius Finlandia  
CD CBS0063060 07/97 Sibelius Symphonies Nos. 1 &  
CD TLD0014951 03/97 Sibelius Syms#4&6-Berglund  
CD TLD0095849 01/97 Sibelius Songs For Male Voice  
CD TLD0015308 10/96 Sibelius Footprints  
CD POL0447453 08/96 Sibelius Swan Of Tuonela  
CD CBS0061963 Classical 06/96 Sibelius Symphony No. 3  
CD RCA0068218 Classical 06/96 Sibelius Syms No.2 & 6  
CD POL0447895 Classical 02/96 Sibelius Violin Concertos  
CD CBS0069252 Classical 11/95 Sibelius Greatest Hits  
CA CBS0069252 Classical 11/95 Sibelius Greatest Hits  
CA CBS0053509 10/95 Sibelius Symps Nos.2 & 7  
CD OME0003133 Classical 09/95 Sibelius Comp.Symphonies  
CD POL0446160 Classical 06/95 Sibelius Complete Symphones,V  
CD POL0446157 Classical 06/95 Sibelius Complete Symphonies  
CD ATL0078006 Classical 01/95 Sibelius Symphonic Poems  
CD CBS0058967 Classical 09/94 Sibelius Violin Concerto  
CD TLD0095851 Classical 08/94 Sibelius Complete String Quar  
CD TLD0095874 Classical 08/94 Sibelius Piano Pieces  
CD CBS0053509 Classical 05/94 Sibelius Symps Nos.2 & 7  
CD CAP0054855 Classical 10/93 Sibelius Violin Concerto In D  
CD CBS0052563 Classical 05/93 Sibelius Kullervo  
CD CBS0052566 Classical 04/93 Sibelius Symp Nos 1 & 7  
CD CAP0064331 Classical 02/93 Sibelius Finlandia  
CD TEL0080320 Classical 02/93 Sibelius Tone Poems:Finlandia  
CD CBS0048271 Classical 11/92 Sibelius Finlandia-Ormandy  
CD CBS0048067 Classical 08/92 Sibelius Lemminkainen Legends  
CD NAX0504002 Classical 07/92 Sibelius Symphonies Nos.1-7  
CD NAX0550329 Classical 06/92 Sibelius Violin Concerto  
CD POL0430778 Classical 02/92 Sibelius Symphonies  
CD NAX0550200 Classical 01/92 Sibelius Sym No.5-En Saga  
CD CBS0046499 Classical 07/91 Sibelius Syms 4 & 5-Maazel  
CD VIR045493B Classical 03/02 Sibelius Maiden In The Tower  
CD EA0088434 Classical 02/02 Sibelius Symphony Nos.2 & 5  
CD CAP0074858 Classical 02/02 Sibelius Symphony Nos.1,4,5 &  
CD EMI0567717 Classical 02/02 Sibelius Most Peaceful Sibeli  
CD FID0040872 Classical 01/02 Sibelius Complete String Quar  
CD CAP0074485 Classical 12/01 Sibelius Symphony Nos.1-7 & O  
CD POL0469647 Classical 10/01 Sibelius Symphony No.2 Finlan  
CD CBS0089739 Classical 09/01 Sibelius Symphony No.2 & 6  
CD NAX0554814 Classical 08/01 Sibelius V.3-Piano Music  
CD NAX0554377 Classical 06/01 Sibelius Symphonies Nos.4 & 5  
CD POL0464740 Classical 03/01 Sibelius Symphony Nos.5 & 7  
CD EMI0054273 Classical 03/01 Sibelius Symphony No.1 In E M  
CD EMI0054804 Classical 02/01 Sibelius Symphony No.2 In D O  
CD CAP0074200 Classical 02/01 Sibelius Kullervo & Orchestra  
CD EMI0066602 Classical 01/01 Sibelius Symphony Nos.6 & 7  
CD IMF0002026 Classical 11/00 Sibelius Orchestral Music  
CD NAX0004266 Classical 10/00 Sibelius Symphony No.2  
CD NAX0004387 Classical 10/00 Sibelius Symphony Nos.6 & 7  
CD EMI0066600 Classical 10/00 Sibelius Symphony Nos.4 & 5  
CD POL0469202 Classical 10/00 Sibelius Panorama-Various  
CD NAX0554808 Classical 10/00 Sibelius Piano Music-Vol.2  
CD CHN0009833 Classical 08/00 Sibelius Piano Works  
CD CAP0074014 Classical 08/00 Sibelius Symphonies Nos. 5 &  
CD ODE0000953 Classical 07/00 Sibelius Lemminkainen-Legends  
CD ODE0000952 Classical 07/00 Sibelius Pelleas & Melisande  
CD POL0466995 Classical 07/00 Sibelius Symphony No.4 In A M  
CD CAP0073735 Classical 06/00 Sibelius Orchestral Music  
CD BBC0004041 Classical 04/00 Sibelius Symphonies Nos.4 & 7  
CD CBS0061848 Classical 04/00 Sibelius Symphony No.2 In D M  
CD NIM0007716 Classical 03/00 Sibelius Symphony No.2-En Sag  

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