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CD MSI0122032 Wo n/a Mina 4 Anni Di Successi  
CD MSI0804606 Wo n/a Mina Altro  
CD MSI0036909 Wo n/a Mina Americana  
CD MSI0804609 Wo n/a Mina Atilla V.2  
CD MSI0804610 Wo n/a Mina Baby Gate  
CD MSI0804605 Wo n/a Mina Bugiardo Piu Che Mai  
CD MSI0014595 Wo n/a Mina Canzoni D'Autore  
CD MSI0804611 Wo n/a Mina Canzonissima 1968  
CD MSI0762539 Wo n/a Mina Cartoline  
CD MSI0162525 Wo n/a Mina Catene  
CD MSI0804612 Wo n/a Mina Caterpillar  
CD MSI0207490 Wo n/a Mina Coleccion Latina  
CD MSI0796975 Wo n/a Mina Dalla Terra  
CD5 MSI0215869 Da n/a Mina Desktop  
CD MSI0162526 Wo n/a Mina Finalmente Ho Conosc  
CD MSI0128933 Wo n/a Mina Gold V.1  
CD MSI0128942 Wo n/a Mina Ii Cielo In Una Stan  
CD MSI0762636 Wo n/a Mina Il Piccolo Coro Dell  
CD MSI0804617 Wo n/a Mina Incontro Con Mina  
CD MSI0036910 Wo n/a Mina L'Immensita  
CD MSI0128935 Wo n/a Mina L'Oro Mina  
CD MSI0036912 Wo n/a Mina La Banda  
CD MSI0804622 Wo n/a Mina La Mina -Emi-  
CD MSI0036968 Wo n/a Mina Leggera  
CD MSI0804621 Wo n/a Mina Lochness  
CD MSI0765806 Wo n/a Mina Love Collection -2cd  
CD MSI0028513 Wo n/a Mina Mazzini Canta Battis  
CD MSI0122036 Wo n/a Mina Mina 2  
CD MSI0804623 Wo n/a Mina Mina 25 V.1  
CD MSI0804624 Wo n/a Mina Mina 25 V.2  
CD MSI0804625 Wo n/a Mina Mina Alla Bussola Da  
CD MSI0028514 Wo n/a Mina Mina Canta I Beatles  
CD MSI0128939 Wo n/a Mina Mina Canta In Ingles  
CD MSI0128938 Wo n/a Mina Mina Canta In Spagno  
CD MSI0804627 Wo n/a Mina Mina Live  
CD MSI0128937 Wo n/a Mina Mina Rarita  
CD MSI0124130 Wo n/a Mina Mina Studio Collecti  
CD MSI0032971 Wo n/a Mina Minanthology  
CD MSI0751780 Wo n/a Mina N.O.  
CD MSI0804628 Wo n/a Mina Oggi Ti Amo Di Piu  
CD MSI0804632 Wo n/a Mina Plurale  
CD MSI0122038 Wo n/a Mina Sabato Sera Studio U  
CD MSI0799512 Wo n/a Mina Sanremo V.3  
CD MSI0162527 Wo n/a Mina Si Buana  
CD MSI0804640 Wo n/a Mina Singolare Mina  
CD MSI0036914 Wo n/a Mina Sono Come Tu Mi Vuoi  
CD MSI0804641 Wo n/a Mina Sorelle Lumiere  
CD MSI0204831 Wo n/a Mina Sorelle Lumiere V.1  
CD MSI0122039 Wo n/a Mina Studio Uno  
CD MSI0122041 Wo n/a Mina Studio Uno 66  
CD MSI0036916 Wo n/a Mina Un Anno D'Amore  
CD MSI0733725 Wo n/a Mina Un Buco Nella Sabbia  
CD MSI0128936 Wo n/a Mina Una Mina Fa  
CD EFA0061559 Rock/Pop 06/99 Mina Kryptonite  
CD EFA0061585 Electronic 11/01 Mina A To B  
CD MRW0069179 Musicals 01/01 Mina Canta In Spagnolo-Sp  
CD MRW0069977 Musicals 01/01 Mina Canzoni D'Autore-Ita  
CD MRW0070071 Musicals 01/01 Mina Cremona-Italy  
CD MRW0077016 Musicals 01/01 Mina Dalla Terra-Italy  
CD MRW0075344 Musicals 01/01 Mina Gold 2-Italy  
CD MRW0068247 Musicals 01/01 Mina L'Oro Di Mina-Italy  
CD MRW0076352 Musicals 01/01 Mina Love Collection-Ital  
CD MRW0066059 Musicals 01/01 Mina Mazzini Canta Battis  
CD MRW0072941 Musicals 01/01 Mina Mina Gold-Italy  
CD MRW0072482 Musicals 01/01 Mina Minalatina-Italy  
CD MRW0070532 Musicals 01/01 Mina Minantologia-Italy  
CD MRW0070073 Musicals 01/01 Mina Napoli-Italy  
CD MRW0075418 Musicals 01/01 Mina No.0- Italy  
CD MRW0073624 Musicals 01/01 Mina Olio-New'99-Italy  
CD MRW0065181 Musicals 01/01 Mina Plurale-Italy  
CD MRW0061479 Musicals 01/01 Mina Rarita-Italy  
CD MRW0065182 Musicals 01/01 Mina Si,Buana-Italy  
CD MRW0073184 Musicals 01/01 Mina Studio Collection-It  
CD MRW0068249 Musicals 01/01 Mina Tua...Mina-Italy  

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