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CD ATL0001380 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie At The Village Gate  
CD ATL0001544 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Best Of  
CD CHS0000040 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Caminho De Casa  
CD PSV0136952 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Concerto Grosso In D  
CD MSI0137704 Jz n/a Mann,Herbie Flautista  
CD PSV0159692 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Live At Newport  
CD PSV0136932 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie London Underground  
CD MSI0200520 Jz n/a Mann,Herbie Love & The Weather  
CD MSI0126924 Jz n/a Mann,Herbie Mann & A Woman  
CD PSV0160522 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Mann & A Woman-Recor  
CD ATL0001522 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Memphis Underground  
CD WWB0001462 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Monday Night At  
CD PSV0152662 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Monday Night At The  
CD PSV0159672 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie New Mann At Newport  
CD MSI0212671 Jz n/a Mann,Herbie Perdido  
CD ATL0000532 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Push Push  
CD PSV0155072 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Reggae  
CD WWB0001407 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Returns To The Vi  
CD PSV0152672 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Returns To The Villa  
CD PSV0136962 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Standing Ovation At  
CD PSV0136942 Jazz n/a Mann,Herbie Stone Flute  
CD MSI0760777 Jz n/a Mann,Herbie Yardbird Suite -Limi  
CD CLL0006245 Jazz 05/99 Mann,Herbie Do The Bossa Nova-My  
CD RHI0075731 Jazz 04/99 Mann,Herbie Herbie Mann-Sam Most  
CD POL0557448 Jazz 11/98 Mann,Herbie Flautista!...Plays A  
CA DRI0041086 01/98 Mann,Herbie Mann  
CD LTY0054233 Jazz 10/97 Mann,Herbie America-Brazil  
CD LTY0054193 Jazz 10/97 Mann,Herbie Peace Pieces-Music O  
CD OJC0000927 Jazz 03/97 Mann,Herbie Sultry Serenade  
CD LTY0054185 02/97 Mann,Herbie Celebration  
CD SYJ0000193 Jazz 07/96 Mann,Herbie Yardbird Suite  
CD OJC0000900 Jazz 07/96 Mann,Herbie Just Wailin'  
CD POL0529901 Jazz 05/96 Mann,Herbie Verve Jazz Masters-5  
CD DRI0041086 Jazz 07/95 Mann,Herbie Mann  
CD CLL0000129 Jazz 02/02 Mann,Herbie Super Mann  
CD SBT0001041 Jazz 11/01 Mann,Herbie Birdland & Hurry  
CD CLL0006884 10/01 Mann,Herbie Brazil:Once Again  
CD CLL0006881 10/01 Mann,Herbie Gagaku & Beyond  
CD CLL0006883 10/01 Mann,Herbie Live A Go-Go-Mississ  
CD CLL0006885 Jazz 10/01 Mann,Herbie Super Mann  
CD CLL0006882 10/01 Mann,Herbie Windows Opened  
CD WWB0001413 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Live At Newport  
CD WWB0001471 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie New Mann At Newport  
CD CLL0006828 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Right Now-Latin Feve  
CD CLL0006829 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Roar Of The Greasepa  
CD CLL0006831 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Beat Goes On-String  
CD CLL0006826 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Bird In A Silver Cag  
CD CLL0006827 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Family Of Man-Dervis  
CD CLL0006832 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Mellow-Hold On I'M C  
CD CLL0006824 Jazz 09/01 Mann,Herbie Turtle Bay-Discotheq  
CD CLL0006833 Jazz 08/01 Mann,Herbie Man & A Woman W-Tami  
CD CLL0006825 Jazz 08/01 Mann,Herbie Waterbed-Suprises  
CD CLL0006830 Jazz 08/01 Mann,Herbie Our Man Flute-Impres  
CD OJC0001065 Jazz 06/01 Mann,Herbie Great Ideas Of Weste  
CD WWB0001655 Jazz 04/01 Mann,Herbie Reggae  
CD RHI0076681 Jazz 02/01 Mann,Herbie Herbie Mann Plays  
CD WWB0001540 Jazz 02/00 Mann,Herbie Concerto Grosso In D  
CD WWB0001648 Jazz 02/00 Mann,Herbie London Underground  
CD WWB0001445 Jazz 02/00 Mann,Herbie Standing Ovation At  
CD WWB0000520 Jazz 02/00 Mann,Herbie Stone Flute  
DVD PA0099625 Jazz 01/00 Mann,Herbie Jasil Brass  

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