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CD FAN0024702 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Double Blues  
CD CLL0005143 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Drinkin'In The Blues  
CD SLA0005729 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Forever Gold  
CD CLL0005121 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Herald Recordings-Vo  
CD OBC0000571 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Hootin' The Blues  
CD FAN0024725 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' How Many More Years  
CD OBC0000532 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin'  
CD PSV0542892 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Live 1971  
CD CLL0005145 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Mama & Papa  
CD CLL0005111 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Mojo Hand  
CD CLL0005146 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Nothin'But The Blues  
CD CLL0005144 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Prison Blues  
CD BLF0001140 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Reflections  
CA BWT0001140 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Reflections  
CD ARH0000302 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' Texas Bluesman  
CD GNP0010022 Blues n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' V.12-Legacy Of Blues  
CA GNP0010022 n/a Hopkins,Lightnin' V.12-Legacy Of Blues  
CD DCU0005609 Blues 10/99 Hopkins,Lightnin' V.1  
CD DBO0008011 Blues 08/99 Hopkins,Lightnin' Live (1971)  
CD OBC0000586 Blues 07/99 Hopkins,Lightnin' Straight Blues  
CD TDT0001074 Blues 02/99 Hopkins,Lightnin' Best Of  
CD AUK0000697 Blues 02/99 Hopkins,Lightnin' Jake Head Boogie  
CD CAP0096843 Blues 10/98 Hopkins,Lightnin' Complete Aladdin Rec  
CD CED0000002 Jazz 03/98 Hopkins,Lightnin' Good Rockin' Tonight  
CA DRI0041004 01/98 Hopkins,Lightnin' Cadillac Man  
CD MIM0003036 Blues 11/97 Hopkins,Lightnin' World'S In A Tangle  
CD RSJ0000072 Jazz 11/97 Hopkins,Lightnin' Houston Gold  
CD SSC0026429 09/97 Hopkins,Lightnin' Sings The Blues  
CD ARH0000403 Blues 07/97 Hopkins,Lightnin' Po' Lightnin'  
CD TDT0001002 Blues 02/96 Hopkins,Lightnin' Autobiography In Blu  
CD TDT0001003 Blues 02/96 Hopkins,Lightnin' Country Blues  
CD JSM0000009 Blues 05/95 Hopkins,Lightnin' Rising Sun Collectio  
CD AUK0000546 Blues 12/94 Hopkins,Lightnin' California Mudslides  
CD DRI0041004 Blues 03/94 Hopkins,Lightnin' Cadillac Man  
CD CLL0000554 Blues 12/93 Hopkins,Lightnin' Free Form Patterns  
CD ARH0000390 Blues 10/93 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin'  
CD OBC0000563 Blues 09/93 Hopkins,Lightnin' Swarthmore Concert  
CD RHI0071226 R&B 05/93 Hopkins,Lightnin' Anthology  
CD OBC0000551 Blues 01/93 Hopkins,Lightnin' Smokes Like Lightnin  
CD OBC0000548 Blues 09/92 Hopkins,Lightnin' Last Night Blues  
CD LEG0000337 Blues 08/92 Hopkins,Lightnin' Best Of  
CD PRS0004406 Blues 08/92 Hopkins,Lightnin' Complete Prestige Bl  
CD CLL0005181 Blues 07/92 Hopkins,Lightnin' Herald Recordings-Vo  
CD OBC0000540 Blues 02/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Soul Blues  
CD ARH0000330 Blues 02/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.1-Gold Star Sess  
CD ARH0000337 Blues 02/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.1-Gold Star Sess  
CD CLL0005203 Blues 01/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.1-Lost Texas Tap  
CD CLL0005204 Blues 01/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.2-Lost Texas Tap  
CD CLL0005205 Blues 01/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.3-Lost Texas Tap  
CD CLL0005206 Blues 01/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.4-Lost Texas Tap  
CD CLL0005207 Blues 01/91 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.5-Lost Texas Tap  
CD OBC0000506 Blues 12/90 Hopkins,Lightnin' Blues In My Bottle  
CD OBC0000522 Blues 12/90 Hopkins,Lightnin' Goin' Away  
CD FKY0040019 Blues 11/90 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin' Hopkins  
CD RRM0001374 Blues 02/02 Hopkins,Lightnin' Mojo Hand  
CD RLL0000362 Blues 11/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Jackstropper Blues  
CD ARH0000499 Blues 10/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Best Of  
CD PPF0204390 Blues 07/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin' Boogie  
CD EPM0159942 Blues 05/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' First Recordings-Vol  
CD JVC0000211 Blues 04/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Goin' Away (Xrcd)  
CD BDH0099782 Blues 04/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin'& Blues:Her  
CD CLL0000094 Blues 02/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' From The Vaults Of E  
CD AGB0000005 Blues 02/01 Hopkins,Lightnin' Moon Rise  
CD EPM0159782 Blues 10/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Vol.1-First Recordin  
CD CLP0000943 Blues 10/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Essential Recordings  
CD CUL0991025 Blues 09/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin' Strikes  
CD ING0000537 Blues 09/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Rainy Day In Houston  
CD WOL0000003 Blues 08/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' 1947-1969  
CD RHI0079860 Blues 08/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Best Of-Blues Master  
CD CLL0007128 Blues 06/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin' Strikes  
CD CTF0000144 Blues 05/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Lightnin'Boogie  
CD EMB0000006 Blues 05/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Remember Me  
CD ING0002119 Blues 03/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' Feel So Bad-Essentia  
CD CDD0079010 Blues 02/00 Hopkins,Lightnin' In New York  

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