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CD BDL0002005 Bluegrass n/a Herman,Woody 20 Golden Pieces  
CD MSI0059209 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Aurex Jazz Festival  
CA ATL0077394 Big Band n/a Herman,Woody Best Of  
CA HIN0000270 Big Band n/a Herman,Woody Cool One  
CD VOI0003002 Jazz n/a Herman,Woody Eight Shades Of Blue  
CD MSI0211546 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Essential Best  
CD MSI0217880 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Golden Wedding  
CD CLL0006678 Jazz n/a Herman,Woody Jazz Hoot-Winners  
CD CLL0006679 Jazz n/a Herman,Woody Jazz Swingers-Mu  
CD MSI0221021 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Legendary Big Bands  
CD CBY0001005 n/a Herman,Woody Live (October 12,194  
CD CBS0044108 Jazz n/a Herman,Woody Thundering Herds  
CD PSV0658032 Jazz n/a Herman,Woody Woody Herman Story  
CD MSI0210511 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Woody Herman Story -  
CD MSI0036555 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Woody Herman Woodcho  
CD MSI1006763 Jz n/a Herman,Woody Woody Herman'S Fines  
CA HIN0000274 12/99 Herman,Woody Fatha Herman  
CD HIN0000274 Jazz 12/99 Herman,Woody Fatha Herman  
CD EMB0000002 Jazz 10/99 Herman,Woody Featuring Tito Puent  
CD CCM0006674 Jazz 08/99 Herman,Woody V-Disc Recordings  
CD POL0559872 Jazz 06/99 Herman,Woody Songs For Hips Lover  
CD KOC0008508 Jazz 05/99 Herman,Woody Big New Herd At The  
CD STV0008241 Jazz 04/99 Herman,Woody Third Herd  
CD HIN0000270 Big Band 12/98 Herman,Woody Cool One  
CD EMP0000838 Big Band 12/98 Herman,Woody Woodsheddin' With Wo  
CD CCJ0004838 Jazz 08/98 Herman,Woody Concord Jazz Heritag  
CD OJC0000991 Jazz 08/98 Herman,Woody Herd At Montreux  
CD JZB0002134 Big Band 04/98 Herman,Woody Heard With Friends  
CD AER0007108 01/98 Herman,Woody Amen 1937-1942  
CA DRI0041022 01/98 Herman,Woody Blowin' Up A Storm  
CD AER0007122 01/98 Herman,Woody Blues On Parade  
CD EPM0015854 Jazz 01/98 Herman,Woody Vol.4-Band That Play  
CD CIR0000095 Big Band 12/97 Herman,Woody And His Orchestra 19  
CD STS0001021 Big Band 12/97 Herman,Woody At Jantzen Beach 195  
CD STS0001020 Big Band 12/97 Herman,Woody At Jantzen Beach Ore  
CD STS0000105 Big Band 12/97 Herman,Woody Live In Chicago  
CD OJC0000953 Jazz 11/97 Herman,Woody Feelin' So Blue  
CD STV0008240 Jazz 09/97 Herman,Woody Second Herd (1948)  
CD DRI0041022 Jazz 09/97 Herman,Woody Blowin' Up A Storm  
CD CBS0065040 05/97 Herman,Woody This Is Jazz #24  
CD LAS0017117 Jazz 04/97 Herman,Woody Blue Flame  
CD POL0529903 Jazz 03/96 Herman,Woody Verve Jazz Masters-5  
CD TDT0001009 Jazz 02/96 Herman,Woody Wildroot  
CD ATL0077394 Big Band 11/95 Herman,Woody Best Of  
CA CBY0001005 Jazz 08/95 Herman,Woody Live (October 12,194  
CD OJC0000841 Jazz 06/95 Herman,Woody Thundering Herd  
CD JZB0002125 Jazz 04/95 Herman,Woody Scene & Herd In 1952  
CD ASV0005143 Jazz 03/95 Herman,Woody At The Woodchopper'S  
CD OJC0000344 Jazz 09/94 Herman,Woody Giant Steps  
CD EVD0022010 Jazz 05/92 Herman,Woody Herd Rides Again...I  
CD CAP0098453 Rock/Pop 05/92 Herman,Woody Keeper Of The Flame  
CD OJC0000663 Jazz 10/91 Herman,Woody Raven Speaks  
CD OJC0001068 Jazz 03/02 Herman,Woody King Cobra  
CD KOC0008562 Jazz 01/02 Herman,Woody Jazz Casual  
DVD IME0000900 Jazz 12/01 Herman,Woody Woody Herman Remembe  
CD STV0002079 Big Band 10/01 Herman,Woody Old Gold Rehearsals  
CD NAX0120527 Jazz 08/01 Herman,Woody Band That Plays The  
CD JZB0002168 Big Band 07/01 Herman,Woody Third Nerd 1952-54  
CD CLQ0001163 Big Band 07/01 Herman,Woody 1939-1940  
CD CBS0065646 Jazz 06/01 Herman,Woody Blowin' Up A Storm  
CD JAH0200015 Jazz 06/01 Herman,Woody Jazz After Hours  
CD NAX0120538 Jazz 05/01 Herman,Woody Band That Plays The  
CD POL0549707 Jazz 05/01 Herman,Woody Finest Hour  
CD KOC0008592 Jazz 04/01 Herman,Woody Live East-West  
CD PPX0001015 Big Band 02/01 Herman,Woody Woody Herman Story  
CD CLQ0001128 Big Band 11/00 Herman,Woody 1939  
CD STS0001038 Blues 11/00 Herman,Woody Live With Bill Harri  
CD STS0001039 Blues 11/00 Herman,Woody Live With Bill Harri  
CD HME0000303 Big Band 09/00 Herman,Woody Blues In The Night  
CD OJC0001044 Jazz 05/00 Herman,Woody Brand New  
CD SDF0005006 Big Band 02/00 Herman,Woody 1946 Broadcasts  

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