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CD MSI0798403 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy 100 Ans De Jazz  
CD BDL0002006 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy 20 Golden Pieces  
CA BDL0002006 n/a Gillespie,Dizzy 20 Golden Pieces  
CD MSI0084432 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy 20th & 30th Annivers  
CD MSI0058654 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy At Newport -+3 Bonus  
CD PAB0405411 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Best Of  
CD APQ0000024 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Big 4  
CD MSI0130782 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Birks' Works -Limite  
CA QUI0005033 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Body And Soul  
CD SYJ0000170 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Champ  
CD MSI0766073 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Champ -Limited Editi  
CD PSV0732942 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Cognac Blues (Limite  
CD MSI0215063 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Cognac Blues -Remast  
CD MSI0328645 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzier & Dizzier  
CD MSI0210168 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Atmosphere  
CD MSI0036552 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie & Mo  
CD MSI0257820 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie 1946  
CD SYJ0000177 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie Stor  
CD PSV0821882 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie Stor  
CD MSI1003513 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie'S Bi  
CD TLE0000250 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Meets Phil  
CD OJC0000823 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy'S Party  
CD TFT0038132 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Gillespie-Parker  
CD MSI0033337 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Gold Collection  
CD MSI0127331 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin High  
CD MSI0215344 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin High  
CD MSI0812294 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin High -Limite  
CD GNP0000023 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy In Concert  
CD MSI0112849 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz From Paris--Diz  
CD MSI0210437 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz Indispensable  
CD MSI0212981 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz Studies  
CD MSI0130070 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Les Incontournables  
CD MSI0137703 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Manteca  
CD PSV0656802 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Matrix (The Percepti  
CD MSI0764484 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Melody Lingers On  
CD OJC0000381 Jazz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Montreux '77 Jam  
CD MSI1003696 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Night In Tunisia  
CD MSI0097117 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Planet Jazz  
CD MSI0036038 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Plays In Paris -Rema  
CD MSI0036039 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Pleyel Jazz Concert  
CD MSI0201301 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy School Days -Limited  
CD DIS0000053 n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Shaw 'Nuff  
CD MSI0058373 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Soul Time  
CD MSI0201316 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Story -Limited Editi  
CD MSI1002114 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Story 1939-1950  
CD MSI0212659 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Talk Of The Town  
CD MSI1003491 Jz n/a Gillespie,Dizzy Trumpet Summit Meets  
CD EMB0000841 Jazz 12/99 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy In Paris  
CD POL0557544 Jazz 11/99 Gillespie,Dizzy Electrifying Evening  
CD COL0120000 Jazz 09/99 Gillespie,Dizzy Blue Moon  
VHS RHI0002586 Jazz 07/99 Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz Casual  
CD MAL0001205 Jazz 11/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Paris Jazz Concert 1  
CD TEL0083451 Jazz 08/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Triple Play:Final Re  
CD POL0557535 Jazz 08/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Ultimate  
CD POL0557492 Jazz 06/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Jambo Caribe  
CD POL0558079 Jazz 05/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Something Old,Someth  
CD SYJ0018062 Jazz 04/98 Gillespie,Dizzy School Days  
CD EPM0015881 Jazz 01/98 Gillespie,Dizzy 1940-1946  
CA DRI0041018 01/98 Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin' High  
CD DRI0042011 11/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Atmosphere  
CD DRI0041018 Jazz 09/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin' High  
CD TEL0083421 Jazz 08/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Bird Songs:Final Rec  
CD JIC0006012 Jazz 08/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Complete Dial Master  
CD ING0002068 Jazz 08/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin' High  
CD LAS0017126 Jazz 04/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Be Bop  
CA TEL0033307 Jazz 04/97 Gillespie,Dizzy To Diz With Love  
CD PAB0620116 Jazz 02/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Plays And Raps In Hi  
CD POL0533846 01/97 Gillespie,Dizzy Talkin' Verve  
CD LAS0017108 Jazz 10/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Night In Tunisia  
CD LAS0000107 Jazz 10/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Things To Come  
CD TDT0001027 Jazz 08/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Oo Bop  
CD RCA0068499 Jazz 07/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Greatest Hits  
CD SYJ0000152 Jazz 07/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin' High  
CD SYJ0000157 Jazz 07/96 Gillespie,Dizzy School Days  
CD SYJ0078815 Jazz 05/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Champ  
CD RCA0068517 Jazz 05/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzier & Dizzier  
CD SYJ0078814 Jazz 05/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Groovin' High  
CD PAB0625708 Jazz 04/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Bahiana  
CD POL0531230 Jazz 04/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Cool World-Dizzy Goe  
CD OJC0000882 Jazz 02/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Digital At Montreux  
CD GRP0000178 Jazz 01/96 Gillespie,Dizzy Swing Low,Sweet Cadi  
CD POL0527900 Jazz 08/95 Gillespie,Dizzy Birks Works  
CD RCA0066528 Jazz 01/95 Gillespie,Dizzy Complete Rca Victor  
CD POL0516319 Jazz 03/94 Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz Masters 10  
CD POL0519809 Jazz 10/93 Gillespie,Dizzy Carnegie Hall Concer  
CD OJC0000784 Jazz 07/93 Gillespie,Dizzy Free Ride  
CD OJC0000739 Jazz 11/92 Gillespie,Dizzy Montreux Jazz Festiv  
CD TEL0083316 Jazz 10/92 Gillespie,Dizzy To Bird With Love  
CD POL0513875 Jazz 09/92 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy'S Diamonds:Bes  
CD POL0513754 Jazz 08/92 Gillespie,Dizzy At Newport  
CD OJC0000733 Jazz 05/92 Gillespie,Dizzy To A Finland Station  
CD TEL0083307 Jazz 03/92 Gillespie,Dizzy To Diz,With Love  
CD POL0835253 Jazz 08/91 Gillespie,Dizzy Duets-Various  
CD RRM0001375 Jazz 02/02 Gillespie,Dizzy Hot House  
DVD EE0019004 Jazz 10/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Live At The Royal Al  
CD RNK0055890 Jazz 10/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Live At Royal Festiv  
CD EPM0160052 Big Band 10/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Live In 1948  
CD CLQ0001168 Jazz 08/01 Gillespie,Dizzy And His Orchestra (1  
CD PPF0204376 Jazz 07/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Good Bait  
CD POL0549744 Jazz 06/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Have Trumpet,Will Ex  
CD CMX0000086 Jazz 04/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Matrix(Perception Se  
CD POL0159734 Jazz 04/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Giant (Jazz In Paris  
CD JAH0200001 Jazz 04/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz After Hours  
CD EMB0001005 Jazz 02/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie Stor  
CD LAS0006011 Jazz 01/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Jazz Collection  
CD DTA0000107 Jazz 01/01 Gillespie,Dizzy Things To Come  
CD POL0549086 Jazz 11/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Ken Burns Jazz  
CD VAR0061086 Jazz 10/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Absolutely The Best  
CD BBC0007002 Jazz 07/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Live At Royal Festiv  
CD CLL0005616 Jazz 07/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Giant Potrait Of Jen  
CD RCA0040940 Jazz 07/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Plays In Paris  
CD RCA0040939 Jazz 07/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Pleyel Jazz Concert  
CD CLP0000840 Jazz 05/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Retrospective  
CD KFW0003001 Jazz 04/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy For President  
CD BOZ0004064 Jazz 03/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie(1937  
CD EPM0159552 Jazz 03/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie(1946  
CD MDA0008991 03/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Sweet Soul Live  
CD STV0002040 Jazz 01/00 Gillespie,Dizzy Live-Chester,Pennsyl  

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