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CD GRP0009582 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Akoustic Band  
CD MSI0030036 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Circle 1: Live In Ge  
CD MSI0030037 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Circle 2: Gathering  
CD GRP0009535 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Elektric Band  
CD GRP0009564 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Eye Of The Beholder  
CD MSI0033334 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Gold Collection  
CD ATL0000305 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Inner Space  
CD GRP0009601 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Inside Out  
CD MSI0130062 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Les Incontournables  
CD POL0827148 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Light As A Feather  
CD GRP0009546 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Light Years  
CD MSI0004968 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Live From The Countr  
CD POL0825657 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick My Spanish Heart  
CD POL0827149 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick No Mystery  
CD MSI1005664 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Now He Sings Now He  
CD CAP0090055 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Now He Sings,Now  
CD MSI0004969 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Solo Piano-From Noth  
CD MSI0764054 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Solo Piano: Composit  
CD MSI0764055 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Solo Piano: Standard  
CD MSI0036548 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Song Of Singing  
CD MSI0056903 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Three Quartets -+4 B  
CD MSI0112841 Jz n/a Corea,Chick Tones For Joan'S Bon  
CD POL0825206 Jazz n/a Corea,Chick Where Have I Known Y  
CD POL0811978 Jazz 11/99 Corea,Chick Return To Forever  
CD CBS0061799 Jazz 10/99 Corea,Chick Corea.Concerto  
CD POL0557115 09/98 Corea,Chick Light As A Feather  
CD FIN0001112 Jazz 09/98 Corea,Chick Gold Collection  
CD BEX0001288 Jazz 09/98 Corea,Chick Sundance  
CA BEX0001288 09/98 Corea,Chick Sundance  
CD DTS0001004 Jazz 10/97 Corea,Chick Remembering Bud Powe  
CD GRP0009878 06/97 Corea,Chick Priceless Jazz  
CD SRE0009012 Jazz 02/97 Corea,Chick Remembering Bud Powe  
CD SRE0009006 Jazz 02/97 Corea,Chick Tap Step  
CD SRE0009002 Jazz 02/97 Corea,Chick Three Quartets  
CD SRE0009003 Jazz 02/97 Corea,Chick Touchstone  
CD POL0533108 09/96 Corea,Chick Return To The 7th Ga  
CD GRP0001115 Jazz 08/95 Corea,Chick Time Warp  
CD GRP0009774 Jazz 05/94 Corea,Chick Expressions  
CD POL0519798 Jazz 09/93 Corea,Chick Leprechaun  
CD GRP0009731 Jazz 09/93 Corea,Chick Paint The World  
CD CAP0089282 Jazz 06/93 Corea,Chick Best Of  
CD GRP0009649 Jazz 08/91 Corea,Chick Beneath The Mask  
CD POL0849071 Jazz 04/91 Corea,Chick Friends  
CD POL0825336 Jazz 04/91 Corea,Chick Hymn Of The 7th Gala  
CD GRP0009627 Jazz 01/91 Corea,Chick Alive  
CD SRE0009035 Jazz 04/01 Corea,Chick Past,Present & Futur  
CD POL0159454 Jazz 01/01 Corea,Chick Trio Music  
CD POL0833678 Jazz 08/00 Corea,Chick A.R.C.  
CD POL0827258 Jazz 08/00 Corea,Chick Septet  
CD POL0827769 Jazz 08/00 Corea,Chick Trio Music-Live In E  
CD POL0811979 Jazz 08/00 Corea,Chick Vol.1-Piano Improvis  
CD SRE0009029 Jazz 06/00 Corea,Chick Originals  
CD SRE0009028 Jazz 06/00 Corea,Chick Standards  
CD POL0543303 Jazz 03/00 Corea,Chick My Spanish Heart  
CD POL829190B Jazz 01/00 Corea,Chick Piano Improvisions-V  

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