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CD PSV0553522 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Africa  
CD MSI0127254 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Another Day In Parad  
CD PSV0706912 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Archive Series  
CD MSI0532021 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Beautiful Morning  
CD PSV0553532 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Best Of Travelling M  
CD RAS0003207 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Brown Sugar  
CD MSI0120842 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis If I Didn'T Love You  
CD MSI0564455 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Live In Montreux  
CD MSI0382123 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Love Has Found Its W  
CD MSI0206820 Pop n/a Brown,Dennis Love Is So True  
CD MSI0127199 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Money In My Pocket  
CD MSI0807791 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Money In My Pocket 1  
CD MSI0465315 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Musical Heatwave -Be  
CD MSI0581532 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Rare Grooves Reggae  
CD MSI0568115 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Reggae Max  
CD MSI0567981 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Revolution  
CD MSI0710501 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Sarge  
CD MSI0749495 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Stone Cold World  
CD MSI0763830 Reg n/a Brown,Dennis Sweet Memories  
CD VP0001115 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Unchallenged  
CD SHA0044002 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Visions  
CD SHA0044004 Reggae n/a Brown,Dennis Words Of Wisdom  
CD AOR0000025 Reggae 06/99 Brown,Dennis Reggae Legends-Vol.2  
CD DTK0000145 Reggae 06/99 Brown,Dennis Godlike Genius Of  
CD RAS0003182 Reggae 05/99 Brown,Dennis Bless Me Jah  
CD POL0617731 Reggae 01/99 Brown,Dennis Tribulation  
CD MCI0050079 Reggae 11/98 Brown,Dennis Prime Of  
CD RLL0000224 Reggae 10/98 Brown,Dennis Tracks Of Life  
CD COM0001800 Reggae 06/98 Brown,Dennis Go Now  
CD COM0001801 Reggae 06/98 Brown,Dennis Greatest Hits  
CD COM0001802 Reggae 06/98 Brown,Dennis My Time  
CA LNL0000021 Reggae 01/98 Brown,Dennis Hold Tight  
CD VP0001382 Reggae 01/98 Brown,Dennis Temperature Rising  
CD VP0001388 Reggae 01/98 Brown,Dennis Vision Of The Reggae  
CA HEA0000154 Reggae 12/97 Brown,Dennis Light My Fire  
CA HEA0000177 Reggae 12/97 Brown,Dennis Open The Gate  
CA HEA0000107 Reggae 12/97 Brown,Dennis Some Like It Hot  
CD VP0001478 Reggae 07/97 Brown,Dennis Could It Be  
CD VP0001471 Reggae 07/97 Brown,Dennis Love & Hate  
CA VP0001471 Reggae 07/97 Brown,Dennis Love & Hate  
CD RAS0003322 Reggae 06/97 Brown,Dennis Ras Portraits  
CD MIM0007102 Reggae 04/97 Brown,Dennis Got To Have Loving-A  
CD RAS0003193 Reggae 02/96 Brown,Dennis Milk & Honey  
CD TRO0000353 Reggae 05/95 Brown,Dennis Temperature Rising  
CD HEA0000177 Reggae 04/95 Brown,Dennis Open The Gate  
CD RAS0003137 Reggae 01/95 Brown,Dennis Nothing Like This  
CD HEA0000154 Reggae 04/94 Brown,Dennis Light My Fire  
CD VP0001322 Reggae 11/93 Brown,Dennis Unforgettable  
CD TRO0000327 Reggae 09/93 Brown,Dennis Musical Heatwave  
CD SHA0045012 Reggae 09/93 Brown,Dennis Legit  
CD VP0001307 Reggae 08/93 Brown,Dennis General  
CA VP0001277 Reggae 01/93 Brown,Dennis Limited Edition  
CD HEA0000107 Reggae 10/92 Brown,Dennis Some Like It Hot  
CD LNL0000021 Reggae 08/92 Brown,Dennis Hold Tight  
CD TRO0000310 Reggae 07/92 Brown,Dennis Another Day In Parad  
CD RAS0003072 Reggae 04/91 Brown,Dennis Victory Is Mine  
CD VP0001160 Reggae 02/91 Brown,Dennis Overproof  
CD CMC0080265 Reggae 03/02 Brown,Dennis Money In My Pocket-A  
CD POL0617739 Reggae 02/02 Brown,Dennis In Dub  
DVD MVD0008KMB Reggae 01/02 Brown,Dennis Hits After Hits  
CD VP0001018 Reggae 10/01 Brown,Dennis Good Vibrations  
CD CMC0080221 Reggae 09/01 Brown,Dennis Another Day In Parad  
CD CMC0080220 Reggae 09/01 Brown,Dennis Money In My Pocket  
CD CMC0080222 Reggae 09/01 Brown,Dennis Temperature Rising  
CD IRB0001040 Reggae 08/01 Brown,Dennis V.2-Best Of Reggae L  
CD AOR0000072 Reggae 08/01 Brown,Dennis Love'S Got A Hold On  
CD PEL0000404 Reggae 07/01 Brown,Dennis Love Is So True  
CD VP0000006 Reggae 07/01 Brown,Dennis Believe In Yourself  
CD SBT0001032 Reggae 06/01 Brown,Dennis Cassandra  
CD GRS0000080 Reggae 06/01 Brown,Dennis Slow Down  
CD IRB0001027 Reggae 05/01 Brown,Dennis Best Of Reggae Live  
CD VAR0061119 Reggae 05/01 Brown,Dennis Absolutely The Best(  
CD BMN0000046 Reggae 04/01 Brown,Dennis Wolves And Leapords  
CD TRO0000443 Reggae 02/01 Brown,Dennis Anthology-Money In M  
CD CUL0006004 Reggae 02/01 Brown,Dennis Travelling Man  
CD MTB0000036 Reggae 12/00 Brown,Dennis Crown Prince-16 Migh  
CD VP0001601 Reggae 09/00 Brown,Dennis Let Me Be The One  
CD BMN0000010 Reggae 08/00 Brown,Dennis Joseph'S Coat Of Man  
CD RAS0003256 Reggae 07/00 Brown,Dennis May Your Food Basket  
CD POL0617745 Reggae 07/00 Brown,Dennis Cosmic Force  
CD OST0000010 Reggae 07/00 Brown,Dennis Academy  
CD CLP0000856 Reggae 07/00 Brown,Dennis Golden Years  
CD DET0033212 Reggae 05/00 Brown,Dennis Brown And Friends  
CA VP0000006 Reggae 04/00 Brown,Dennis Believe In Yourself  
CD VP0001558 Reggae 04/00 Brown,Dennis Stone Cold World  
CD HIP0545230 Reggae 03/00 Brown,Dennis Ultimate Collection  
CD CUL0003009 Reggae 02/00 Brown,Dennis Here I Come Again  
CD BMN0000102 Reggae 01/00 Brown,Dennis Love Light  

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