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CD MSI0798396 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney 100 Ans De Jazz  
CD MSI0097061 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Bechet Souvenirs  
CD MSI0130226 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Best Of -Limited Edi  
CD MSI0097062 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Collection  
CD MSI0203175 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Et Claude Luter  
CD MSI0097054 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Favorites  
CD MSI1005599 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Jazz At Storyville V  
CD MSI1005600 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Jazz At Storyville V  
CD MSI0210431 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Jazz Indispensable  
CD MSI1004779 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney L'Essentiel  
CD MSI0097045 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney La Legende De  
CD MSI0097050 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Le Jazz De A-Z  
CD MSI0097063 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Le Soir Ou...L'On Ca  
CD RCA0006590 Jazz n/a Bechet,Sidney Legendary Sidney  
CD MSI0097055 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Les Annes Bechet  
CD MSI0097049 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Lives In Paris  
CD MSI0203094 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Petite Fleur  
CD MSI0791413 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Petite Fleur -Remast  
CD MSI0097065 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Planet Jazz  
CD MSI0097046 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Platinum For Sidney  
CD MSI0097047 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Plein Succes:I'Ami S  
CD PSV0821352 Jazz n/a Bechet,Sidney Portrait  
CD MSI0097056 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Rendez-Vous Avec Bec  
CD MSI0200968 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Sidney Bechet Story  
CD PSV0690382 Jazz n/a Bechet,Sidney Sidney Bechet Story  
CD MSI0444375 Jz n/a Bechet,Sidney Slippin & Slidin: Bl  
CD GTJ0012064 Jazz 07/99 Bechet,Sidney Up A Lazy River  
CD CAP0021259 Jazz 09/98 Bechet,Sidney Runnin' Wild  
CD TLE0001028 Jazz 09/98 Bechet,Sidney Young Sidney Bechet  
CD TML0000028 Jazz 06/98 Bechet,Sidney 1923-1925  
CD JAZ0000035 Jazz 08/95 Bechet,Sidney Genius Of  
CD STV0006039 Jazz 04/95 Bechet,Sidney In New York 1950-195  
CD CAP0028891 Jazz 05/94 Bechet,Sidney Best Of  
CD ASV0005107 Jazz 08/93 Bechet,Sidney Really The Blues  
CD CLQ0001186 Jazz 02/02 Bechet,Sidney V.2-1949  
CD JAH0200018 Jazz 08/01 Bechet,Sidney Jazz After Hours  
CD MRW0078896 Jazz 07/01 Bechet,Sidney Et Cloude Luter  
CD NAX0120531 Jazz 07/01 Bechet,Sidney Spreadin' Joy (1940-  
CD NWK0002001 Jazz 06/01 Bechet,Sidney Vol.1-Alternative Ta  
CD NWK0002002 Jazz 06/01 Bechet,Sidney Vol.2-Alternative Ta  
CD EPM0159962 Jazz 06/01 Bechet,Sidney From New York To Par  
CD CLQ0001140 Jazz 04/01 Bechet,Sidney 1949  
CD CAP0030607 Jazz 01/01 Bechet,Sidney Fabulous  
CD CLQ0001112 Jazz 11/00 Bechet,Sidney 1947-1949  
CD CBS0061441 Jazz 11/00 Bechet,Sidney Ken Burns Jazz  
CD STV0004104 Jazz 10/00 Bechet,Sidney Master Of Jazz  
CD AVD0000694 Jazz 04/00 Bechet,Sidney Shake' Em Up!  
CD OTO0009014 Jazz 02/00 Bechet,Sidney At Storyville  
CD LRH0000632 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney 1924-43 Great Origin  
CD MJA0000030 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Blues In Thirds  
CD MJA0000005 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.1 (1923)  
CD MJA0000127 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.10-1941  
CD MJA0000140 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.11-1941-42  
CD MJA0000043 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.4 (1937-38)  
CD MJA0000060 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.5 (1938-39)  
CD MJA0000076 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.6 (1939)  
CD MJA0000097 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.7-1940  
CD MJA0000100 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.8-1940  
CD MJA0000126 Jazz 01/00 Bechet,Sidney Vol.9-1940-41  

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