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CD CBS0045835 Classical n/a Bartok 3 Piano Conce  
CD ARA0006649 Classical n/a Bartok Bartok By Kaplan  
CD POL0423657 Classical n/a Bartok Complete Quartets  
CD TEL0080174 Classical n/a Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD NAX0550261 Classical n/a Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD DEN0007092 Classical n/a Bartok Dance Suite-Rom. Dan  
CD CBS0044523 Classical n/a Bartok Duke Bluebear  
CD TLD0076139 Classical n/a Bartok For Children  
CD DLS0003083 Classical n/a Bartok Gerard Schwarz;Ses&C  
CD DEN0007813 Classical n/a Bartok Romanian Dances  
CD CBS0042625 Classical n/a Bartok Sonata For 2 Pianos  
CD CBS0045941 Classical n/a Bartok Violin Concertos No.  
CD CHN0009761 Classical 11/99 Bartok Piano Music  
CD NAX0554321 Classical 11/99 Bartok Violin Concertos Nos  
CD POL0466377 Classical 09/99 Bartok Bluebeard'S Castle  
CD PVY0799022 Classical 06/99 Bartok String Quartets Nos.  
CD RCA0063315 Classical 05/99 Bartok Suites For Orchestra  
CD POL0459639 Classical 03/99 Bartok Violin Cto. No.2  
CD POL0456575 Classical 02/99 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD POL0454430 Classical 10/98 Bartok Miraculous Mandarin-  
CD OLY0000644 Classical 08/98 Bartok Complete Works For T  
CD NAX0554183 Classical 08/98 Bartok Viola Concertos  
CD POL0447040 Classical 07/98 Bartok Bluebeard'S Castle  
CD TLD0021029 05/98 Bartok Music For Strings  
CD RRV0010042 Classical 04/98 Bartok Violin Cto.No.1,Cto.  
CD POL0455297 Classical 01/98 Bartok String Quartets  
CD CP0010417 Classical 01/98 Bartok Der Wunderbare Manda  
CD ARR0047284 Christmas 01/98 Bartok Roumanian Christmas  
CD KOC0007387 Classical 12/97 Bartok Violin Cto.No.2  
CD CBS0063234 Classical 11/97 Bartok Six String Quartets  
CD NAX0550451 Classical 11/97 Bartok Mikrokosmos-Selectio  
CD POL0448276 Classical 10/97 Bartok Miraculous Mandarinp  
CD RCA0027760 09/97 Bartok Music Pno&Orch-Schne  
CD NAX0550771 Classical 08/97 Bartok Piano Concertos Nos.  
CD POL0443571 07/97 Bartok Bluebeards Castle  
CD NAX0550886 Classical 07/97 Bartok Rhapsody Nos.1 & 2-A  
CD CBS0069245 04/97 Bartok Sonatas For Violin &  
CD TLD0013158 02/97 Bartok Piano Concertos#1-3-  
CD POL0447443 02/97 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD CBS0062598 11/96 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD POL0446700 09/96 Bartok Josefowicz  
CD POL0447747 Classical 04/96 Bartok Music For Strings  
CD POL0434362 Classical 11/95 Bartok Miraculous Mandarin  
CD TLD0098538 Classical 11/95 Bartok Complete Str.Qrts-Ke  
CA CBS0048263 10/95 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD POL0434357 Classical 09/95 Bartok Wooden Prince  
CD CBS0068275 Classical 08/95 Bartok Solo Piano Works  
CD CBS0064502 Classical 07/95 Bartok Violin Concertos Nos  
CD POL0445825 Classical 05/95 Bartok Divertimento-Boulez-  
CD POL0434350 Classical 05/95 Bartok Violin Cto No.2  
CD POL0442284 Classical 08/94 Bartok 6 String Quartets  
CD RCA0061702 Classical 06/94 Bartok Concerto For Orch  
CD KOC0312182 Classical 05/94 Bartok Mikrokosmos  
CD POL0438812 Classical 04/94 Bartok Piano Concertos  
CD POL0437826 Classical 03/94 Bartok Four Orchestral Piec  
CD RCA0061504 Classical 08/93 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD CBS0052528 Classical 02/93 Bartok Mikrokosmos  
CD CBS0048263 Classical 11/92 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD POL0435863 Classical 11/92 Bartok Wooden Prince  
CD POL0434325 Classical 10/92 Bartok Bluebeard'S Castle  
CD NAX0550052 Classical 01/92 Bartok Romanian Folkdances  
CD CBS0045837 Classical 12/91 Bartok Miraculous Mandarin-  
CD POL0432017 Classical 05/91 Bartok Concerto For Orch.-D  
CD OME0008008 Classical 04/91 Bartok Live Recital  
CD CAP0074799 Classical 03/02 Bartok Violin Concerto No.2  
CD POL0458841 Classical 01/02 Bartok Miraculous Mandarin:  
CD JMX0000012 Classical 01/02 Bartok Music For Strings,Pe  
CD MAP0010888 Classical 10/01 Bartok Complete Violin Duos  
CD NAX0554717 Classical 09/01 Bartok V.1-Piano Music  
CD CBS0089732 Classical 09/01 Bartok Piano Concerto Nos.1  
CD JMX0000007 Classical 08/01 Bartok Cto For Orchestra (X  
CD POL0464639 Classical 08/01 Bartok V.7-Works For Piano  
CD TEL0080564 Classical 07/01 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD POL0467686 Classical 04/01 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD NAX0556693 Classical 03/01 Bartok Best Of  
CD EMI0065994 Classical 02/01 Bartok 44 Duos  
CD POL0457756 Classical 02/01 Bartok Bluebeard'S Castle C  
CD ABN0009399 Classical 02/01 Bartok Sonata For Piano Sol  
CD EMI0054871 Classical 01/01 Bartok Piano Concertos 1,2,  
CD EMI0069804 Classical 01/01 Bartok Violin Concerto No.2  
CD NAX0550749 Classical 01/01 Bartok Violin Sonatas  
CD CHN0009029 Classical 10/00 Bartok Miraculous Mandarin  
CD FID0081965 Classical 06/00 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD EMI0061192 Classical 06/00 Bartok Concerto For Orchest  
CD GAS0002012 Classical 03/00 Bartok Violin Sonatas  

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